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What are mineral rights worth?

Your mineral rights are worth what someone is willing to pay for them. There are many factors that we take into account when appraising the value of minerals, like number of pay-zones, estimated recoverable reserves, drilling activity, price of oil and even the type of lease you have signed. Call us to discuss and we will be glad to explain it all to you. Please call us at 855-DRILL-OIL if you have any questions.

Should I sell my mineral rights?

We understand that selling your mineral rights can be stressful. We can make it easy for you and walk you through the process. People still need money from time to time for medical bills, car payments, or just to cash out and travel. You can sell a portion of your mineral interest to us which will enable you to put some cash in your pocket and keep some minerals for the future. Mayflower Exploration has done several 1031 Exchanges where you can sell your mineral rights and buy some other real estate while deferring taxes. Please call us at 855-DRILL-OIL if you have any questions.

What are mineral rights royalties?

When you sign an oil and gas lease, the mineral rights owner receives a portion of the oil and gas proceeds also known as a royalty. Most recent leases in Texas have a one-fourth royalty, which means the mineral owners get one-fourth of all the revenue of all the sales of the oil and gas from the operating company. Some people sell their royalty while maintaining their mineral interest. Please call us at 855-DRILL-OIL if you have any questions.

Do you have a form we can fill out?

Yes. There is one on this website or you can call and request one be mailed, faxed or emailed to you.

Can I call you with any questions?

Yes. You can call us during business hours for questions and concerns. During the negotiating stage we basically work 24/7 and you’ll be able to reach the Mayflower Exploration professional assigned to you on their cell phone almost anytime.

How long will this take?

It depends on a couple of things, how busy our land department is at the time we are working on your project and how difficult the title is with your minerals. Example: If your minerals are owned by 30 different people under 20 different tracts in 4 different counties in 2 different states, it’s going to take a month at least. Normally it takes a few weeks to run title and to get paid.

Do you have a contract?

Yes. We have a very simple real estate contract which we can send you for your review.

We have wills and deeds from where we inherited or acquired our interests; do you need copies of them?

Yes. It will help us with your title and shorten the time it takes to pay you.

Are you interested in buying other interests in other counties?

Yes. All you have to do is fill out another mineral owner worksheet and we’ll do the rest.

How much do you charge for all the legal work?

Nothing. We pay all expenses

What about my neighbors, would you be interested in buying their minerals or royalties?

Yes. Have them contact us and we’ll start the process for them.

How long has Mayflower been in business?

10 years. We are landmen who used to lease minerals who switched to mineral buying six years ago. We have now invested over $40 million.

How long have you been in the oil business?

I first started out in the business in 1980. I grew up in Midland, TX.

Who are the partners/owners of Mayflower?

Robert Strack and Gay Lynn Strack

Is Mayflower affiliated with another company?


Where is the company's home office?

New Braunfels, Texas

Have you drilled for oil anywhere in Texas?


How many mineral owneers in Texas have accepted your offers?

100+. More information available, please request.

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