How To Sell My Mineral Rights

Follow These Four Simple Steps To Sell Your Mineral Rights

Serving Mineral Rights Owners since 2006

Mayflower Exploration buys minerals and royalty interests from all over the U.S. and can pay top dollar.  Let us determine the maximum value for your mineral and royalty interests.  You can sell all or a portion of your mineral and royalty interests.  There are many mineral owners who have sold a portion of their interests so they can put some money in their pocket and still maintain a partial ownership.  The sales price is kept confidential and is never a part of public record.

Contact Mayflower Exploration to buy minerals and royalty interests
Step One
Contact us with your mineral and royalty information.


Mayflower Exploration evaluates your minerals and royalities

Step Two:
We evaluate your minerals and royalties and will make you an offer within a one week period.


You accept Mayflower Exploration's offer and we verify good title.

Step Three:
You accept our offer and then we verify good title.

Mayflower Exploration wires your money

Step Four:
We wire you money.